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The Bandolero Traviesos by Selected Tobacco

The Badolero Traviesos is a  5 x 50 torpedo cigar has a chocolate brown wrapper with visible seams and veins.  Like the other cigars by Selected Tobacco this cigar too has an undisclosed blend in its construction.  The pre-light smells offer up hints of oak, cocoa and spice.  The first draw has a deep, rich draw of cocoa and leather.

Strength is apparent right from the start.  After the initial draw, the flavor profile is made up of mostly leather notes and spice making this a rather savory cigar.  Though the spice is very apparent, the smooth, cool draw makes the body strength more on the medium side.  At the second third of this cigar the spice really picks up with the leather notes still apparent and slight hints of cocoa and citrus showing up.

The body strength is now becoming more on the fuller side as it enters the final third of this cigar.  The construction of this cigar falls in line with the rest of Selected Tobacco cigars giving it a fantastic draw, even burn and ash that clings together making this one well-constructed cigar.  The final third of this cigar is full bodied with quite a kick of spice.  All other flavor notes are now more subtle under the bold flavor of spice.

Overall, this is a well-constructed cigar with rich, savory, spicy notes and a full bodied finish.

Written by: Matt Ohka

Assistant Manager

Blue Havana Cigar Shop & Lounge


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